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VPA Partners with Island City Lab on Waste Management Study for Cassava Piece

Members of the VPA presented drums to the community of Cassava Piece in St. Andrew to mark IDP in 2019.

The VPA is conducting a mixed-methods study focusing on the Cassava Piece community's waste management issues. The study, aimed at unraveling the intricacies of garbage disposal practices, was conducted through household administered surveys and focus group discussions segmented by age and business involvement.

Being reviewed are wastemanagement practices and attitudes between different demographic groups. Residents and business owners provided varied insights, painting a comprehensive picture of the current challenges, along with recommendations for probable solutions.

These findings have been instrumental for the Island City Lab and its respective partners, where the study underscores the necessity for a more structured waste management approach, highlighting the importance of community education and the need for increased waste collection frequency.

By dissecting the community's diverse viewpoints, the research advocates for a unified strategy involving all sectors of Cassava Piece. The goal is to not only tackle existing issues but also to pave the way for a cleaner, more sustainable environment. The collaborative effort suggested by the report aims to transform waste management practices, ensuring a healthier and safe community.

The VPA has had a long-standing relationship with Cassava Piece. In 2019, the VPA partnered with Island Dairies Limited to donate 21 drums to store garbage across the community. The drums were handed over on International Peace Day in September 2019 and were placed strategically across the community. Dr Elizabeth Ward, VPA’s chair at the time stated that cleaning up the community was important for building peace in the community, while noting that the bins would be branded “Climate Action for Peace”.

Residents, who were instrumental to the process expressed deep satisfaction with the initiative. For Sanjean Roberts, a long-time resident of Cassava Piece, and a staunch member of SDC weekly hosted community meeting, the garbage bins were deeply appreciated. Keeping the community clean as well as the gully, which runs through it, garbage free, she said, was a necessity.

“The garbage pile- up in the gully cannot work. It not only looks disgusting and distasteful but it is causes our mosquito problems,”

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