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To become a volunteer, fill out this form by clicking here


Membership of the Violence Prevention Alliance is open to any organization actively involved, directly and indirectly, in violence prevention in Jamaica. 


Individuals of known personal track record in violence prevention may be eligible for membership. 


Members must demonstrate a clear interest, understanding or expertise in preventing violence and must adopt the mission, vision and guiding principles of the VPA and use them to inform public policy, institutional policy and violence prevention programming.


VPA participation is free, open and on a voluntary basis; members join with an understanding that its strength, utility and impact is dependent upon the active participation and commitment of its members.



Members of the Violence Prevention are expected to:


  • Ratify the charter and fill out 1) a statement of intent; 2) a preliminary membership information form.


  • Participate consistently in VPA meetings and other activities

    • Organizations will designate a representative to serve as primary correspondent and champion of the VPA within their organization for a two-year term, at minimum; a secondary will also be identified within the organization to serve as an alternate to the primary in the attendance of meetings and correspondence


  • Participate in the data collection function of the VPA by granting access to the VPA Secretariat to information on violence prevention activities and initiatives

  • Actively share information on ongoing campaigns, projects and other initiatives with the membership of the VPA towards the development of best practices

  • Adopt appropriate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, particularly where funding has been channeled to initiatives through the VPA

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