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The Kingston Violence Prevention Board (KVPB) was developed from the application of the Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention. The Board is made up of key stakeholders that work on violence prevention interventions in the communities surrounding the Kingston Public Hospital - utilizing both hospital and law enforcement data.


These included representatives from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Ministry of National Security, Kingston Public Hospital,  Ministry of Education Youth and Information, Ministry of Health and Wellness, Jamaica Social Investment Fund, Violence Prevention Alliance, Mona Geoinformatics Institute, University of the West Indies and  Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization. 

Injuries are routinely cross-referenced against police major crimes, and combined to create hotspot models for each review period. These are, in turn, cross-referenced with asset and point-of-interest data to target key ground features, both as reference points and for direct intervention. Spatially-mapped injury data are also weighted by severity, context and outcome, allowing for differential pattern analyses to be carried out.

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