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The Consensus 2020 - Crime Monitoring & Oversight Committee (CMOC) is an independent body bringing together nonpartisan stakeholders from the private sector, civil society, academia, and the political directorate. It provides an independent overview of the efficacy and efficiency of the programmes agreed through the process of national consensus and keeps the public engaged on the progress of reducing crime, violence and corruption in Jamaica.  


“The Consensus” itself is a National Strategic Programme of initiatives and actions to transform Jamaica into a Safe, Secure, and Investment-friendly Society through the forging of a national consensus with Government, Opposition, and Civil Society. The groups shared the view that achieving a sustainable reduction in Crime, Violence and Corruption required bipartisan agreement, underpinned by a whole of government approach that must be nationalistic (the whole nation being involved in effecting the plan).


The Monitoring & Oversight Committee has the following authority and responsibilities:

  • to monitor the compliance and progress of the parties in completing the deliverables and to request and receive reports from the “Contributing Bodies” 

  • to make quarterly reports to the Stakeholders and people of Jamaica commenting on the status of the Consensus programme and setting out any major areas of concern 

  • where necessary hold meetings with the relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies to raise concerns that the Monitoring Committee may have with regards to the implementation, compliance and progress in completing the agreed deliverables

  • to propose Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”) that are to be agreed on by the Parties, to measure the progress of the Consensus programme

  • any other responsibilities and authority within the Monitoring Committee’s scope and responsibilities or which may be agreed by the stakeholders from time to time.


The members of the CMOC include:

  • Lloyd Distant (Private Sector nominee) - Chairman

  • Prof. Anthony Clayton (Leader of the Opposition’s nominee)

  • Wayne Cummings (Private Sector nominee)

  • Helene Davis-Whyte (JCTU nominee)

  • Keith Duncan (Private Sector nominee)

  • Canon Garth Minott (nominee from the Church)

  • Dennis Morrison, Q. C. (representative with Legal experience/background)

  • Prof. Trevor Munroe (NGO’s nominee)

  • George Overton (representative with Security experience/background)

  • Marc Ramsay (nominee from the Church) 

  • Everton Rattray (Youth Groups nominee)

  • Prof. Gordon Shirley (Prime Ministers’ nominee)

  • Nadeen Spence (Womens’ Coalition nominee)

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