PMI Peace Quote


The Peace Management Initiative (PMI) was established in 2002 and uses alternative dispute resolution methodologies to treat with communIty based violence. 


Using their Community Transformation Model, PMI:


  • Interrupts community violence to create safer communities  

  • Brings about healing and reconciliation through community-building activities 

  • Engages community governance structures to further community development 

  • Increases community sufficiency through sustainable economic activity 


The PMI Methodology :

PMI uses the following four-pronged strategy to comprise their holistic violence prevention methodology: 

  • Mediation and dispute resolution    

  • Counselling and therapy for people affected by violence   

  • Mainstreaming unattached youth    

  • Community takes ownership and builds a culture of peace 


Contact the Peace Management Initiative:

22 Melmac Avenue, 

Kingston 5 

Tel. (876) 754-5622 Fax (876) 754-5808 (876) 929-0671 




INSPIRE is a multi-agency approach for a coordinated response to end violence against children. It consists of a technical package to guide policy and promote action. The acronym stands for: 

  • Implementation and enforcement of laws 

  • Norms and values Safe environments 

  • Parent and caregiver support 

  • Income and economic strengthening 

  • Response and support services 

  • Education and life skills 

VPA identifies the operationalizing of these strategies as best practices. It is primarily used in the delivery of workshops amongst at-risk youth and communities.


The Campbell Collaboration is an international social science research network that produces high quality, open and policy-relevant evidence syntheses, plain language summaries and policy briefs. The VPA utilizes their approaches, primarily the systematic reviews of Crime and Justice to incorporate better evidence for a better world.