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The Child Resiliency Programme began in 2006 as an outreach programme of the Hope United Church, under the umbrella of the Hope Counseling and Wellness Centre.


It seeks to meet the needs of pre-adolescents and build on their competencies as the most effective strategy for preventing multiple problems. It also aims to focus on promoting physical, social, cognitive, vocational and moral competence.

In 2014 the programme began operating out of the Violence Prevention Alliance, UWI and spread its wings to

  • The Kingston YMCA

  • Boys Town, West Kingston 

  • Falmouth All age School

In September 2017, the programme began operating in the parish of St. James, at the Sam Sharpe Teacher's College.

For more information visit

Children Painting Wall

The Resiliency Programme is a collaborative effort between schools, community organizations, church, families and health services in order to build a broad enough network.

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