Plant 'Trees for Peace' this Peace Day!

Over 100 schools have registered this year to be a part of the Trees for Peace school competition. The Violence Prevention Alliance in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information and Peace and Love in Schools (PALS) invited schools all across Jamaica to create their own peace gardens.


Prizes and Suprizes will be given to the schools with the most impressive gardens on international Peace Day, March 3, 2020.

The aim of this initiative is to catalyze a conversation around peace in schools and to encourage schools to develop programming through guidance counsellors geared towards peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Empowering our children with skills to avoid the use of violence and to resolve conflicts where they arise will facilitate building a more peaceful Jamaica, one child at a time.

The Trees for Peace competition was launched at Denham Town Primary in downtown Kingston and Mt. Salem Primary in St. James.

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Winners will be announced on March 3, 2020.