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Old Harbour Ministers Fraternal to Roll Out Initiative to Rescue Young Men from Crime

The Old Harbour’s Ministers Fraternal and the Citizens Action against Crime (CAAC) have

designed a programme that will rescue young men in Old Harbour, St. Catherine from a life of crime.

Randy Finnikin, convener of the CAAC and executive member of the Old Harbour Ministers

Fraternal said that the initiative involves the implementation, and sustainability of the church's violence prevention outreach, targeting men, specifically boys and families.

“This latest initiative will implement a targeted approach to reach out to men, women, children within the communities. We would engage the males primarily whilst ensuring that the children are not ignored and they too are facilitated and engaged,” he said.

Mr Finnikin made the disclosure of the initiative while addressing the Violence Prevention

Alliance (VPA) Steering Committee meeting, recently.

He suggested that the initiative will be focused on rebuilding the community. He said the

strategic location of the churches across Old Harbour provides an opportunity to target and

engage in a holistic way and perhaps not ever done before.

He stated that the initiative is a collaborative effort between the CAAC, the Old Harbour

Ministers Fraternal, the Old Harbour Development Committee and other stakeholders.

Mr Finnikin pointed out that the strategic location Old Harbour between May Pen and Spanish Town makes it susceptible to crime.

“We do have a crime issue, not a burgeoning issue where crime has taken over Old Harbour. We still enjoy some amount of peace and we are still able to enjoy our community spaces,” he pointed out.

He however noted that there are issues such as praedial larceny and family feuds.

“Together this project can be a success story. This issue of crime is a blemish to our good name, to our country. Too many of our loved ones and people have died, we must do something about it,” he said.

According to the UN Population Report and the PIOJ data, Old Harbour is one of the fastest

growing urban centres in Jamaica. He voiced that if urban blight is allowed to set in it will be

difficult to address.

Mr Finnikin said a multipronged public order initiative aimed at educating, retraining people in

terms of living and using the town was developed to address some of these issues. He however noted that there have been challenges to get the initiative off the ground.

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