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National Peace Day Celebrated Under the Theme ‘The Virtues of Peace’

Jonelle Llewellyn (at left,front row), Research Associate at the VPA takes a group photo with teacher and students at Chalky Hill Primary School on Peace Day on March 5.

Peace Day was celebrated on Tuesday, March 5 under the theme The Virtues of Peace”. The Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA), in collaboration with its partners, had a series of activities in celebration of the day.

The VPA collaborated with the Sandals Foundation to celebrate Peace Day at Chalky Hill Primary School in St. Ann. Dr Deanna Ashley, executive director at the VPA, said that she was happy for the partnership that instilled good values in students.

“We had an engaging discussion with the students on the virtues of peace and how these values can positively impact their lives so they may grow up to be good citizens knowing how to navigate and resolve conflicts,” she said.

The activity included students being reminded of the significance of peace in schools. The discussion centred around a virtue chart poster, which served as a visual aid to reinforce virtues related to peace, prompting discussions on how students can embody these virtues in their daily interactions.

Following the discussion, students engaged in crafting of their own peace messages, inspired by the virtues discussed. Armed with blue and white sticky notes and markers, they were encouraged to pen powerful messages such as 'Be Kind', 'Unity Wins', 'Spread Love', 'Act with Respect', and 'Peace Rocks', encapsulating their commitment to fostering a peaceful environment.

In the subsequent activity, they hang peace messages. Students adorned strings across the room with their heartfelt messages, creating a vibrant display of collective commitment to peace.

“This exercise not only allowed students to showcase their creativity but also encouraged them to reflect on the significance of their messages in promoting harmony within our school community,” said Dr Ashley.

Meanwhile, Peace and Love in Society, in collaboration with the Jamaica Constabulary Force staged a Peace Day Concert on Tuesday, March 5 at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in Kingston.  Students had the opportunity to see performances by their peers and learn about peace building skills from peace advocates.

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