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IUC Launches Peace Institute and Extended Learning Centre

The International University of the Caribbean (IUC) officially launched its Peace Institute and Extended Learning Centre at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston on March 17.

The objectives of the IUC Peace Institute are to develop quality research methodologies; strengthen the peace resiliency of children and youth, women and men, families and communities; influence the shaping of public policies; respond to gender-based violence through research into family violence; address violence in the virtual communities, and build partnerships for peace.

“This Peace Institute is engaged in research, critical to the life of any university, in advocacy activities. We are seeking to build strong and peaceful communities. What a time for us to be launching when at a time our world is in crisis,” said Professor Roderick Hewitt President, IUC.

Professor Hewitt further noted that the Institute will be working with key partners and institutions to build credible values. One such partnership he said was with the VPA, which he said is of strategic importance.

“We need to network in this peace building, we can’t do it alone. Our connectivity with the church is vital because the church are front line peacebuilders in terms of the understanding of the gospel,” he pointed out.

Dr Deanna Ashley, executive director of the VPA in bringing greetings commended the organisation for establishing the institute.

“ We welcome the opportunity to continue this collaboration with the IUC and the Peace Institute as you conduct research and train students in peace building by building capacity of students to implement interventions that will bring about positive changes in how our children and how others socialize and how people resolve disagreements,” she said.

The VPA executive director said that the work from the Institute will assist in curbing the culture and epidemic of violence and ultimately eradicate it and generating of sense of happiness and wellbeing.

“On behalf of the Violence Prevention Alliance, we wish the Peace Institute every success in achieving the solution,” she said.

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