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Grants Pen Welcomes Exercise Bars for Peace

The community of Grants Pen welcomed exercise bars for peace, which is aimed at providing an additional outlet for mental stimulation and physical release, decreasing the chances of seeking negative and violent means to resolve conflicts.

The equipment was presented to the community by the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA), Island Diaries/Cremo, ATL Automotive, Spy Training, and Premix at a ribbon-cutting ceremony held recently in the community.

The Reverend Ian Muirhead, who has been instrumental for more than two decades in bringing about a dramatic shift from the violence-plagued community to one that now enjoys relative calm said the facility will further strengthen the peace initiative in the community.

Professor Elizabeth Ward, chair of the VPA stressed the importance of maintaining peace in communities such as Grants Pen and commended the collaboration in equipping the existing peace park with the equipment.

“Though Grants Pen is doing well in terms of the crime data, we have to keep it that way. We actually have to work harder because persons will become complacent. We also want to tell people of your successes and to get people at the policy level to understand why it is working and how your successes can assist other communities,” she said.

Glendon Nam, director of Island Dairies/Cremo said his organisation decided to donate the equipment because it was important that they invested in their own backyard and uplift the community.

“Our objective is to build partnerships in our communities by starting with our immediate neighbours. We do business on Constant Spring Road and we believe the best way to invest is in our backyard,” he informed.

“It is part of our corporate social responsibility and it is our way of making an impact and touching the lives of our neighbouring community,” he noted.

Member of Parliament of Grants Pen and Minister of Justice, Delroy Chuck underscored the importance of continued maintenance of peace in the community, which he said was achieved through hard work.

“The peace did not come easily. It has been sustained and we must not lose it. Anyone who thinks that they can come and control this community in any way with violence we must expose them,” he warned.

David Tulloch, People’s National Party’s caretaker for the St Andrew North East constituency noted that the initiative is to be commended and will enhance the community.

Joy Cotterel, councillor of the Barbican Division said that there are plans to install a play area for the children, with swings, monkey bars, and slides, which will allow for more physical exercise.

“The community is glad for the facility. The peace park allows for (positive) interactions, which will keep them rounded. The children have somewhere to play so they do not have their minds focus on negative things,” she said.

Janet, a member of the community welcomed the equipment as she said it will improve the physical activities of children and members of the community.

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