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Drumming Circles in Communities Commemorate International Day of Peace

International Peace Day was observed under the locally adopted theme ''End Violence. Build Peace’. This year, the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA), and several partners, commemorated the day by engaging in the arts – in particular, drumming.

Dr Elizabeth Ward, chair of the VPA said drumming is therapeutic with research showing that drumming circles are supportive in easing anxiety, promoting relaxation and reducing levels of burnout experience.

The VPA has also invited Professor David Akombo, Dean of the Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts at the University of the West Indies Campus, Cave Hill Campus in Barbados to participate in drumming activities and talks organised by the VPA in commemoration of the day.

Professor Akombo is an internationally acclaimed speaker and recognised educator, researcher and scholar in the fields of music education and interdisciplinary research in the arts and health.

While in Jamaica, he was guest speaker at Kingston High School and Windward Road Primary School where he had discussion with the school population on the importance of drumming. This was followed by live interaction of drumming with the schools’ drummers.

Meanwhile, drumming circles were organised in children’s homes supervised by the Child Protection and Family Service Agency; the Bustamante Hospital for Children and inner-city communities such as Rose Town.

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