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Child Resiliency Programme Impacts 85 Students

Children celebrate at the Sports Day

The Child Resiliency Programme positively impacted 85 students during the last school term. This involved a cohort of 60 children aged, 10 to 11 years identified as "at risk" from Edward Seaga Primary (formerly Denham Town Primary), Trench Town Primary, Boys Town All Age, St Alban’s Primary, and St Annie’s Primary. An additional 25 children deemed at risk were supported at Mountain View Primary and Infant School.

The programme, hosted primarily at Boys Town and Mountain View Primary, offered a holistic approach to support, encompassing literacy support, life skills training, including spiritual development, creative activities, sporting activities, parent and family training, counselling, and home visits for the families of the referred children.

Importantly, the initiative also ensured that the children received a daily nutritional meal, addressing a critical aspect of their well-being. The activities culminating in a sports day and a behavioural prize giving medal ceremony were aimed at fostering camaraderie and positive behaviour among the participants.

The ceremony was held from March 18 to 20, providing children with opportunities for physical activity and recognition for their achievements in behavior improvement. Additionally, a field trip to Castleton Gardens on March 23 rewarded the winning behaviour house prize further enriching the children's educational exp

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