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Child Resiliency Programme Guidance Counsellors Train Guidance Counsellors And Teachers

The Child Resiliency Programme (CRP) leadership team conducted training in peace building, resiliency and wellness for guidance counsellors and Grade 5 teachers of the current feeder Schools to CRP.

The training, which was conducted on September 14, 2022 at the Alhambra Inn in Kingston was done from the Peace Building Resiliency and Wellness (PRW) Training Manual completed in 2021.

Preparations for the delivery of the PRW course this semester to the guidance counselling final year and Masters in Educational Leadership students at the International University of the Caribbean scheduled for this semester has begun. Meanwhile, preparations have been made for the Child Resiliency Programme, which include identifying the children and parents referred for this academic years cohort with 60 families referred from Edward Seaga Primary School, Boys Town Primary School, St Alban’s Primary School, Trench Town Primary School and St Annie’s Primary School.

The adjusted referral criteria also include identifying children suffering from anxiety and depression and needing mental health support. Two Masters in Counselling and Consulting Psychology students have been assigned to CRP to conduct their research thesis and they attended the Implementers Training held at Alhambra Inn on September 21, 2022. This included an update on the expanded objectives of the Child Resiliency Programme to include PRW training, tips for managing behavioural challenges in the classroom, leadership development for all members of staff and a review of the life skills and literacy 30 week plan.

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