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Child Resiliency Programme Focuses on Training in Peace Building , Resiliency and Wellness

Child Resiliency Programme Leadership team: (from left) Judith Taylor, Dr Michelle Miller and Dr Kim Scott

The Child Resiliency Programme (CRP)Leadership team conducted training in peace building, resiliency and wellness (PRW) according to the PRW Training Manual completed in 2021 to all the implementers of the current feeder schools to CRP at Alhambra Inn on Peace Day September 21.

Delivery of the peace building, resiliency and wellness course this semester to the guidance counselling final year students, Bachelors in Education and Psychology was done via the Peace Institute at the International University of the Caribbean.

Preparations were made for delivery of the programme at Boys Town, including identifying the children and parents referred to this academic year’s cohort, with 60 new families coming from Edward Seaga Primary, Boys Town Primary, St Alban’s Primary, Trench Town Primary and St Annie’s Primary and 25 new students from Mountain View Primary.

In partnership with VPA, preparations were also made to conduct training for implementers at Steer Town and Chalky Hill primary schools in St Ann in the delivery of the Child Resiliency Programme Model including the building of a PRW component to the wider members of staff.

The Child Resiliency Programme Operational Guidelines handbook has been updated and the leadership team will be responsible for training, monitoring, and evaluating at any potential replication site.

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