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Child Resiliency Programme Expands to Provide Training in Peace Resiliency and Wellness

The Child Resiliency Programme (CRP), which is operated by the VPA has expanded its programme to train university students, community leaders and professionals in Peace Resiliency and Wellness (PRW).

The PRW curriculum developed by the Child Resiliency Programme has been integrated into the Masters in Education Administration and the Guidance and Counseling Curriculum as part of the initial offerings of the newly launched Peace Institute of the International University of the Caribbean. Church leaders, community leaders, case managers at the Ministry of National Security along with university students and other private individuals attest to greatly benefiting from the support of this training course.

“Persons have been empowered to maintain peace and build on their own resiliency and wellness as they work to impact the lives of persons in challenging circumstances,” said Dr. Kim Scott, Programme Director of CRP as she informed that 100 persons completed the PWR course recently.

Meanwhile, 65 children “at risk” and “at promise” referred from Trench Town Primary, Edward Seaga Primary, Boys Town, St Albans, St Annies, and Red Hills Primary schools were provided with literacy support and life skills training (including spiritual development) integrated into sporting and creative activities. Counseling, parent training and home visits were also provided for the families along with nutritional support throughout the course of the programme.

“It has been a successful and resilient year with children attending regularly. The programme has continued to thrive against the odds with the term culminating in programme leaving ceremonies at both sites held June 22 and 23,” said Sheena Copeland, Programme Coordinator of the CRP.

The children were presented with certificates of participation, behavioural prizes and showcased their talent in dance, drumming and songs.

The programme will resume in September with a new cohort of referred children and new public, private sector and university groups for engagement in PRW training. The programme is funded by the Joan Duncan Foundation and the VM Foundation.

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