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Chalky Hill Primary and Infant School Launches Peace Garden

Students and teachers at Chalky Hill Primary School prepares to plant seedlings.

Chalky Hill Primary and Infant School in Steer Town, St Ann, in partnership with Sandals Foundation, has implemented a Peace Garden and mentorship programme.

The initiatives were officially launched on the International Day of Peace on September 21. The programmes are part of a three-year partnership with the Sandals Foundation, VPA and Coca-Cola.

The theme guiding the day was 'Taking action for PEACE — our ambition for the global goals'. Children and teachers of Chalky Hill Primary and Infant School joined Sandals Foundation volunteers from Sandals Dunn's River to plant seeds in the newly inaugurated peace garden.

Christine Badhaal McBean, principal at the shool emphasised the importance of taking action for peace, stating, "Peace is not merely the absence of war; it's a state where our minds and hearts find tranquility, and our actions reflect kindness and cooperation. It's our responsibility to nurture peace within our community, like a delicate flower that can blossom and spread its fragrance across the world."

Shannon Curtis, Sandals Dunn's River Environment, Health, and Safety intern, also shared her thoughts: " The Sandals Foundation's commitment to nurturing peace within our schools and neighbourhoods is an investment in the future of Jamaica and it's an honour to be a part of this journey."

Jonelle Llewellyn, research associate at the VPA commended the initiative and noted that peace gardens hold great potential.

“They encourage collaboration, social interactions, physical well-being, and a sense of belonging. They are places where seeds of hope, unity, and continuity are sown, blossoming into the very fabric of peaceful communities,” she said.

at Community Violence Intervention Conference

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