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Andrea Williams’ Love for Drumming

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Andrea Williams (right) beats the drum with Dr Elizabeth Ward (centre), chair of the VPA and classmate, Romario Nelson.

Andrea Williams, student at Kingston High School is defying gender norms as she takes up drumming. The grade nine student said she decided to join the school’s music club because she took a liking to the creative arts especially drumming because it is relaxing and brings enjoyment to her.

“I enjoy beating the rhythm and the enjoyment it gives the children,” she said. Andrea is among a small group of girls who have joined the music club at her school.

The aspiring soldier said that when at home she would practice beating rhythms but decided to formalize the art by joining the music club and so far it has been rewarding.

Jermaine Luton, principal at Kingston High School said in recent times the school has revived its music club and decided to include females. He said the music has helped to curb violent incidents.

“The drumming contributes to peace of mind and allow them to relax and give them a vibe to express themselves,” he said.

“It is difficult for them coming back to school (following the pandemic) and adjusting to the norms. Coming back to a structured environment it is posing a little difficulty. So yes, we have some disciplinary issues with the students and we are working with them and I hope that as more students join the music club we can lessen the number of violent incidents we have in the school,” he informed.

Mr Luton said that traditionally Kingston High School is known for producing great musicians and musical talents such as Marcia Griffiths. He said the intention is to return the school to that former prominence.

He however informed that the school would appreciate resources to improve its music department. “Currently we do not have a proper music room. The room that is there is dilapidated and outdated. We have got some equipment so we need proper storage of equipment. Any donations of musical equipment would be welcomed,” he said.

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