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240 Parents Benefit From Parenting Seminar

“Is true! Sometimes we jump to conclusions and don’t listen to wi pickney dem!” This was

an “aha” moment expressed by one of the more than 240 parents and caregivers from upont

Primary School and the Cockburn Gardens Primary school in Kingston that recently benefited from a series of parenting sessions organised by the Ministry of National Security

and facilitated by the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) and Parenting Partners Caribbean


Dr Deanna Ashley, Executive Director of the VPA noted that the initiative was timely, as the series of rap-sessions and participatory workshops allowed parents to learn and share,

especially as it related to their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Linda Craigie-Brown, president of PPC agreed, stating that many parents today are feeling

isolated and the sessions offered an opportunity to share and support each other, guided by

experienced parenting facilitators.

The parents of children from each school spent two hours per week and were engaged in

discussions and interactive activities focused on stages of child development, effective communication and healthy self-esteem. 

Tamara White, a parent who participated in the workshops said, “I feel more appreciative of

the importance of parent and child communication and I know that my healthy self-esteem is

very important for my child’s development.” Parents were encouraged to seek the positives

in themselves and in their children and were ‘crowned’ with donated Burger King crowns as

they expressed their own self-worth.

Renee Steele, Senior Policy Director in the Crime Prevention and Community Safety branch

of the Ministry of National Security, said that despite the many challenges parents were facing, their feedback on the parent sessions had been very positive. “They were committed

to attending each week, and many parents showed great insight and knowledge about the

topics,” she said.

Mrs. Craigie-Brown was particularly pleased to see the eagerness the parents showed in

supporting each other, especially those experiencing personal trauma or emotional challenges. “Many parents offered very useful advice and counsel during the sessions, even

exchanging numbers afterwards. The parents themselves developed a ‘Parent Pledge’ which

they shared within their various WhatsApp groups,” she said noting that many asked for the

sessions to be continued.

However, both the PPC’s president and the VPA’s executive director agreed that short, one-

off sessions with parents is never enough or advisable. They acknowledged that as the

challenges affecting parents are definitely mounting, their coping mechanisms are wearing


“Some parents just need to vent; but others need ongoing counselling and other psychosocial interventions. We provided all participants with lists of helpline numbers; however, we know that our support resources and services continue to be overwhelmed and therefore need significant strengthening,” said Dr Ashley.

The parenting programme was a component of the Ministry’s 2020 “Liv Gud” summer school

which was delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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