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VPA Members Benefit from Capacity Building Workshop

VPA team members take a group photo after the workshop.

The Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) recently conducted a capacity-building workshop for its members actively working on Project X-Change in order to enhance project dynamics and fostering better collaboration.

Project X-Change, a component of the Positive Pathways initiative by USAID, has been under VPA's implementation since March 2023.

The project focuses on guiding high-risk youth aged 17-29 years towards more positive life trajectories, which is a cornerstone aim of the Positive Pathways initiative of USAID. Project X-Change has been implemented in a number of areas including Hannah Town and Jones Town in Kingston, and May Pen in Clarendon.

The workshop emerged as a crucial platform for participants to delve into strategic planning for 2024, reviewing their upcoming work plan.

Jonelle Llewellyn, Research Associate at VPA, shared her insights from the workshop. She emphasised that the primary agenda of the workshop was to briefly review 2023 and strategise their way forward. She added that the knowledge exchange facilitated during the workshop will be of great help with the execution of the next phase of the project in 2024.


The event also celebrated the dedication and work of the VPA team through an awards ceremony, highlighting the efforts of staff and consultants on the project.



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