Critical Interventions to Reduce the Effects of Violence in the Parish of St James, Jamaica

Research and clinical trials inform that childhood exposure to the trauma of abuse and violence is related to dysfunction, health risk factors later in life, delinquency and crime. 

An early response to young victims of violnece provides an opportunity to reduce the impact and the risk of repeat injuries.


In 2015 the Violence Prevention Alliance was contracted through Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) to conduct an assessment of the situation of crime and violence in the parishes of St James and Westmoreland. 


The health services in the parish were overwhelmed with the demands for the treatment of violence related injuries.

VPA developed a 10-Point Action Plan that was shared with policy makers, the police and key community stakeholders.



  • To initiate and implement priority components of the 10 point Action Plan that were recommended from the Violence Prevention Alliance’s report on the assessment of violence in St James and Westmoreland with a specific focus on the parish of St James 

  • To reduce this risk of violence in some high-risk communities


  • To implement interventions including 

       a) a hospital based intervention called CAMP Cornwall                   (Child Abuse Mitigation Project) and

       b) Public Education and Awareness