The aim of the campaign is to infiltrate community events to promote positive messages on violence prevention.

Public Education and Awareness

The public education and awareness interventions will be used to create and  disseminate positive messages about attitudes, behaviour, respect, community development, improved peace, enjoyment and pride in the respective  communities.

The events aim to promote these positive messages supporting the potential for changing the culture of violence that has developed in some communities.

The proposed community events will take place in a neutral area close to the selected communities and will consist of 2 components:

  1. Play by Day – this will involve sports and culture

  2. The “Show”, i.e. a community concert with DJs to wrap up the day.


Community events will be planned in collaboration with the CSJP, SDC and PMI teams working in the respective communities.

In this intervention project in St James, the VPA is seeking to promote violence prevention and other healthy lifestyle messages such as appropriate sexual behaviours through the media of dancehalls, utilising the Selectors for sound systems and Disc Jockeys, as music has always proved to be an effective vehicle that can be used to influence individuals and has the ability to reach a wide audience.


Activities will include:

  • development of messages

  • production of materials

  • sensitization through rap sessions

       with DJs, Selectors and artistes etc.

  • branding of community events,

       and community concerts/Shows.

  • The St James project communities

       will be the major focus of this intervention.

  • Social media will be used to promote and

       widen the dissemination of the messages.