The Learning Net Works of Jamaica are networks in the inner city that uses computer software to provide an individualized and highly effective literacy and numeracy program to help struggling students of all ages and abilities to master the fundamental skills of reading and working with numbers. 

The programme targets Jamaica's unattached corner youth’s aged 13 – 25. Its aim is to assist in developing their literacy skills and also provides training in conflict management, leadership and life skills, as well as entrepreneurial and job/placement opportunities. 

The software, AutoSkill®, uses a researched approach that is proven to generate significant and sustainable gains for at-risk students of all ages. 

Currently, there are 12 functional centres that cater to between 300 and 540 students (25-45 students per centre). Each of the Learning Net Works centres has a rolling admission and participants usually graduate within at least four months.

Various social reintegration programs should be used in conjunction with Autoskill®. These may include organized sports, workshops and mentorship programs.

The Learning Net Works programme is presently funded by the Cable and Wireless Jamaica Foundation and the Ministry of Health: Healthy Lifestyle Programme through the National Health Fund. The programme also collaborates with the Peace Management Initiative.

Funding to establish centres at the Rose Town CURE facility and the Admiral Town Police Station was supported by a grant from the Kingston Urban Renewal Project (KURP) / IADB.