Cost of Care Project

The Burden of Violence Related Injuries and Road Traffic Crashes to the Health Care System of Jamaica

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The Cost of Care Project reviewed cases of Violence Related Injuries (VRI) and Road Traffic Crashes (RTC) in seven major hospitals across the island between April and June of 2014.

The project looked at the direct and indirect costs of these injuries in these hospitals. The main focus was the cost to their Operating Theatres and the Intensive Care Units.

Project Aims

  1. To determine the epidemiology of violence related injuries (VRIs) and injuries associated with road traffic crashes (RTCs) in Jamaica.

  2. To estimate the direct and indirect costs of VRIs and injuries associated with RTCs in Jamaica

Project Objectives

  1. To determine the location of occurrence of VRIs and injuries  associated with RTCs in Jamaica.

  2. To determine the demographics of victims of VRIs and RTCs in Jamaica

  3. To determine the circumstances associated with VRIs.

  4. To determine the mechanism of and severity of injury of victims of VRIs and RTCs.

  5. To determine the cost associated with VRIs and RTCs.

Lead Investigators

The Lead Investigators were

  • Professor Trevor McCartney, Medical Chief of Staff, University Hospital of the West Indies;

  • Dr. Elizabeth Ward, Chairperson,  Violence Prevention Alliance;

  • Dr. Deanna Ashley, Executive Director, Violence Prevention Alliance; Dr. Jason Toppin, Consultant Anaesthetist, University Hospital of the West Indies.

  • Adjunct Investigator: Dr Parris Lyew-Ayee, Director, Mona GeoInformatics Institute

Collaborating Agencies

  • The Violence Prevention Alliance –Data analysis and report generation.

  • The Ministry of Health – Provision of data for analysis, technical support and policy relevance.

  • Mona GeoInformatics Institute –Mapping of the locations of injuries at street and community levels.

  • The JN Foundation and the National Health Fund – Funding


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Main Findings: Cost of Care (per annum)

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